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The issue of GP appointments is one of the most difficult areas we deal with in terms of our relationship with patients, and the quality of service we provide as judged by the CCG, CQC and the government. The following points must be borne in mind:

There is a national shortage of doctors, particularly GPs, and although the ideal scenario would be to have the capacity to offer all patients an appointment with the doctor of their choice at the time of their choice, this will never be achievable in the current state of the NHS.

As doctors, our overriding concern is that those cases most in need of our attention are seen as soon as possible with less medically urgent (not urgent in terms of convenience!) problems waiting to a later time, hence we are now trying a brand new system which will be based on patients requiring GP or nurse practitioner appointments making a request for an initial telephone discussion with the doctor to assess their needs and urgency. In the future, as funding and technology becomes available, we will be bringing in other means for this initial consultation to take place, such as video calling and structured messages sent via email so we can get an idea of the nature of your query before we contact you to discuss the best course of action with you. These services will be available throughout the day, so there is no need for the awful queues at reception in the mornings! The system changes will be done with the help of an outside project team who have set this up at many practices across the country. See for more details

You can view the latest information on the appointment system here.

At times of peak demand, we may need to direct you to one of our GP led clinics at Rochdale urgent Care Centre.

Help us to help you:

  • Please avoid ringing at our busiest times, which are 8.30-10.30am, especially on Mondays, and 1.45-2.30pm.
  • Please let the surgery know in good time if you are unable to attend an appointment. This will enable us to offer the appointment to another patient.
  • Your appointment is for one person only.
  • If you need an internal examination please ask for a longer appointment.
  • At your appointment you should see the doctor or nurse within 30 minutes of your appointment time. If there is a delay we will try to advise you of this. You can help by being on time for your appointment.

Please check in at the reception desk or the touch screen system when you arrive otherwise the doctor or nurse will not know that you are in the waiting room.

We are currently working with our medical software suppliers to improve the appointment booking facility for the doctors.
Please keep an eye on our news and online services pages for more details.

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Please note that for reasons of confidentiality we are not prepared to leave messages on voicemail or answering systems because there is no guarantee that they will be received by the person for whom they are intended.

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If you are not well enough to come to surgery you can request that the doctor visits you at home.   To request a home visit phone the surgery as soon as possible after 8.30am and before 11am. The doctor may return your phone call to see if a visit is necessary. Please remember that the final decision for making a visit rests with the doctor.

In the time it takes the doctor to see one patient at home, they can see four patients in the surgery, so we appreciate it if you can come to the surgery whenever possible. We almost always expect children to be brought in by their parents/guardians.

We will visit you within six hours for non-urgent conditions or the next day by agreement - please bear in mind that most of our home visits tend to be in cases of genuine need eg patients with terminal illnesses or resident in nursing/care homes.

Requests for visits between 11am - 6pm8-8.30am and at weekends should only be made in the case of genuine acute emergency. During these hours a doctor may visit you from the practice or from BARDOC, a GP co-operative for which our doctors work. If you feel you need telephone advice on a health-related problem NHS Direct offers 24 hour telephone service on the non-emergency 111 number.

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Requests for an emergency visit can be made to the surgery at any time. The doctor on-call or the emergency service will be contacted.  In the event of all doctors being in surgery, the on-call doctor will speak to you and decide if you need a visit from Bardoc or an ambulance if this seems appropriate from the information supplied, or if it is safe to visit you after surgery. As a medically qualified professional with responsibility for their decisions the doctors decision on the urgency of the visit is final.

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If you phone us with a question or message for a doctor or nurse, the receptionist will take the details and pass the message on to the doctor or nurse. Again please note that, for reasons of confidentiality, we are not prepared to leave messages on voicemail or answering systems because there is no guarantee that they will be received by the person for whom they are intended.

You may now also use the secure messaging facility on our online services page to leave written messages for members of the clinical team. Please note that these messages may be answered by another member of the clinical staff if the recipient is absent, and we cannot give firm turnaround times for these messages because some queries can only really be answered by the person dealing with particular problems, who may not be available when the message is received.

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Repeat prescriptions are issued if these have been previously agreed with the doctor.

Patients with authorised repeat prescriptions will not need to see the doctor for their repeat but will periodically be asked to come in for review. Requests for repeat prescriptions made before 12 noon will be ready after 4.30pm the following day. For requests made after 12 noon, please allow 48 hours before collection. This does not include weekends. The following ordering services are available for this purpose:

  • In person at the surgery
  • By post (please enclose sae for us to return your prescription)
  • We accept faxed requests (01706 526882), please enter full details, name, address, named medication and contact telephone number and allow 48 hours before collection.
  • Most local pharmacies will be happy to order your repeat prescriptions from us on your behalf. You can now also nominate any pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically instead of collecting them from the surgery. You will need to arrange this directly with your preferred pharmacy.
  • We are now also able to offer a secure repeat prescription ordering facility via our online services page. Please note that requests made by this method still require 24-48hrs to process as above.

Patients on regular repeat prescriptions can request a computer printout of their medication for their information and to facilitate ordering.

Observing the following simple guidelines will help keep the service prompt and efficient for everyone:

Please re-order your prescriptions in good time. It is usually quite obvious that there are only a few tablets left in a pack so please do not wait until you run out to reorder!  We have noticed from tablet packs returned to us when medications have been changed that some people use tablets from more than one foil strip in a box at a time. This makes it more difficult to see when your supply is running low so please try to use from one strip at a time. If your medication is changed by the doctor treating you, please dispose of the old medication by bringing them here or to your pharmacy to avoid confusion later, and in the case of medication changes following hospital admissions/appointments, please let us know in good time so we can update your records on computer.

Please remember that it is your responsibility as a consumer to monitor your supplies, reorder in good time, and to store medications safely, just as it is to ensure you have fuel in your car, or food in your kitchen. We do not have the space or resources to take staff off other duties to process requests more urgently, and must give priority to patients needing to see the doctors promptly.

In order to ensure that we have adequate staff cover for the appointment system, we would ask that you avoid our busiest times for reordering prescriptions. These tend to be on Mondays and Friday afternoons.

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The practice is committed to adhering to the government guidelines for prescribing generically. Patients who are unhappy with this should discuss it with their usual doctor


Wednesday       8.30am - 12 noon

Attended by one GP along with a team of midwives.


Wednesday   10.30am - 12 noon

As part of the antenatal clinic.

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Sisters Colloff and Carter run this clinic on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays. All asthmatic patients are encouraged to attend for advice and up-to-date information on management and treatment. This clinic is also open to any patients using inhalers.

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This is held on Tuesday mornings 9.00am - 12  noon and is run by one GP, health visitors and Sisters Taylor and Carter.

Children will be offered the following appointments:

  • At 8 weeks a general examination by the doctor and 1st diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio vaccination, the 1st HIB vaccination and the 1st pneumonia vaccination.
  • At 12 weeks the 2nd diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio vaccination, the 2nd HIB vaccination and the 1st meningitis ‘C’ vaccination.
  • At 16 weeks the 3rd diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio vaccination, the 3rd HIB vaccination, the 2nd meningitis ‘C’ vaccination and the 2nd pneumonia vaccination.
  • At 13 months the measles, mumps and rubella vaccination and the 3rd pneumonia vaccination.
  • From three years three months the pre-school booster of diphtheria, tetanus and polio HIB and MMR booster.
Children can be seen without appointment for weighing and advice from the health visitor between 9.00 - 10.00am.   Requests to see the clinic doctor can also be accommodated but consultations may be delayed due to pre-arranged appointments.  The doctors will not see ill babies/children at the child health clinic as it is not fair to bring an ill child into contact with well babies.  There is a children’s corner to help occupy your children while you are waiting.

The health visitors attached to our surgery also run their own child health clinic on a Thursday morning at  Ings Lane Clinic 9.30am - 12 noon.

For details on the health visitors' service please see separate information leaflet available from reception or contact your own named health visitor on 01706 764255.

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Dr Threlfall, Dr Alam and Sisters Taylor, Carter and Colloff run the clinic on Thursday mornings. The clinic is open to ALL diabetic patients by appointment. Patients are invited for annual review where they will receive a full diabetes check including seeing a dietician. For patients who are seen at hospital diabetic clinics, this clinic is supplementary to their hospital care.

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The District Nurses have a clinic each morning
Monday to Friday
11.00am - 12.30pm by appointment, to see patients who need dressings or who have been referred for treatment following discharge from hospital.

The district nurse will also carry out ear syringing but only following treatment and referral by a doctor.

The nurses are then out on their visits until 2.00pm. They are contactable via their liaison office on
01706 676363.

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We cover all areas of family planning including providing sheaths (sister Taylor only). Make an ordinary nurse appointment. All women should know that this service is entirely confidential. Patients who are using oral or injectable contraception will be required to attend for an annual health check to ensure that their continued use is not contraindicated. We also offer implant fitting and confidential sexual health advice for young people.


Dr Chew runs a dedicated coil clinic on alternate Tuesday afternoons

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Some of the doctorsrs carry out most minor surgical procedures following  referral by other GPs or the nurse practitioners. This clinic is held on a Wednesday morning after surgeries.

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In order to improve the level of care to patients with heart and circulation problems, we offer a simple annual health check with our practice nurse to which you will receive an invitation.

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If you are taking hormone replacement therapy you will be required to attend an annual review with the nurse.

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We offer continued support to patients with high blood pressure and an invitation to attend will be sent to you if appropriate.

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It is recognised that patients over the age of 65 years and patients with certain conditions are more at risk from the effects of influenza.  We therefore offer a free influenza vaccine to these patients each year normally in October.

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We now employ phlebotomists Mrs Virginia Nuttall and Mrs Angela Stansfield, who are available every morning and afternoon. Some practice nurse appointments are also available for this purpose.  If the doctor requires you to have a blood test, please make an appointment with them. For patients who have difficulty attending during surgery hours the Rochdale Walk-in centre offers an early morning blood service weekdays. please enquire at reception if you wish to use this service.

Please note that we have a service for you to obtain test results by telephone if agreed with the doctors. See the information zone for details

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Some patients require regular thyroid hormone monitoring on an annual basis.  You will receive an invitation to attend if appropriate.

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We offer vaccinations and advice for travel anywhere in the world. Additionally, as a Yellow Fever Centre we can provide yellow fever vaccine for which there will be a charge. Prepare yourself well in advance of your travel by checking your vaccination status now. Requests for travel vaccinations at short notice may present you with problems as some vaccines are not active immediately and this may compromise your protection.

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All adults should have tetanus and polio boosters every 10 years and a course of three polio or tetanus immunisations if they have never had one. You can ask at reception for your vaccination history, and decide if you need to see the nurse for courses or boosters

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You may come along to the surgery by appointment with the practice nurses for dietary advice.

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We do not run a separate well man clinic but we will see men for routine health checks in general surgery times by appointment with a practice nurse. Please let the receptionist know you would like a well person check when you make the appointment, as a longer appointment will be needed.

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These are available with the practice nurses and appointments can be made at a time convenient to yourself and to fit in with your menstrual cycle if you require a cervical smear test. When booking your appointment, please tell the receptionist that you require a well woman appointment to ensure that enough time is allocated.

Cervical smears are offered to all women between 25 and 65 years at three yearly intervals or more often if necessary. Please note that it is inadvisable to repeat a cervical smear test earlier than three months.

A routine health check is carried out at each appointment. Please bring a sample of urine when you attend.

Do not wait for a reminder if you think your smear is due. 

Tetanus injections (boosters every 10 years) and cholesterol tests are done if appropriate at the clinic. 

Breast examination advice is given. Breast screening - by mammography - is offered to all women aged between 50 and 70 years at Birch Hill Hospital on a three yearly rotation.

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