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FAQ about the online services

- Please look here for solutions to commonly encountered problems with the online service. If you do not find the information you are looking for please
contact the reception with your enquiry. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

This is the second version of the site since its inception in July 2006, and takes into account many of your comments and suggestions regarding the original version. We hope you will find the new version more user friendly as a result.

The original idea was to provide a site simply giving information about the surgery and our available services. However, following the appointment of Dr Saj Azfar, who has experience of designing websites for NHS organisations he has previously worked in, it was decided that Dr Azfar would take on the webmastering for this site, and its intellectual property rights remain with him.

Dr Azfar is also a member of the software user group affiliated to our computer systems provider, Egton Medical Information Systems, of Leeds. He was therefore able to enter into an agreement with them to undertake beta phase testing of an internet based system which allows patients to interact with certain modules of our own software, enabling them to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, send messages to us about their medical condition, change their addresses and other personal details. Access to various other services will be announced shortly. The system uses "bank style" security credentials to log on. Anyone who has used online banking will notice the similarities on our online services pages.

This development added a whole new dimension to the website, making it a means of taking pressure off the telephone system and giving 24 hour access to a "virtual receptionist" and reliable health information database.

The News Page on the site also gave rise to a printable newsletter which is distributed at the surgery as well, so can be accessed by patients attending our premises who do not have the internet readily available. As well as developments in our services and staff, the newsletter is used to keep patients informed about how the current political situation regarding the NHS is affecting us and the services we offer. We would like to thank all patients for their staunch support of our responses to this.

The site is hosted on a server dedicated to NHS bodies provided by and we are grateful to their principal consultant Martin Kirk for his help with some of the more complex coding issues involved in the initial design phase.

The framework for these pages was developed from a download provided by
Digital Designs, Rochester.

The logo was designed using online software at

Style sheets and other resources were downloaded from, and other freeware sites linked to this.

The "caduceus" image in the top left corner of our pages depicts the winged olive wood staff of the ancient healers in Greek mythology, notably Hermes, with the entwined serpents being the symbols of good health and hygiene
. It has been the heraldic symbol of the medical profession since the time of Hippocrates. This version was downloaded from the Probert online Encyclopaedia.

 FAQ about our online services

If you cannot log in:

Remember the EMIS server needs to link successfully with ours to be able to display available services to your system, so three parties are involved:

Firstly check your browser security settings under "Tools" and "internet options" (Internet Explorer users only, others may vary). You will need to have cookies enabled and possibly reduce your privacy level to use the service. This is a particular problem with some workplace computers in large organisations. However please note you are not compromising your security by doing this as EMISAccess® is still a secure site.

There may be problems with the EMIS servers - Click here for a status report, or use the "check staus" link just below the login screen on the EMISAccess®  site.

If this doesn't help, please try later as our system may be temporarily down. If you still can't log in please let us know.

Q   How/why do I sign out of EMISAccess® ?

A   The "sign out" link is located just below the EMISAccess®  logo at the top of the Access web page. The system does automatically log off connections which have been idle for about 2 min or so, but it is important to sign out and close the browser window if you are using a computer in a public place such as a library or internet cafe as it will otherwise still be logged on when you leave. We have amended the instructions on our online services page to remind you of this.

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Q     I cannot see the prescription I want to order in my list of repeats

A    Please remember, whether you are using the internet or “conventional” means to order medications, that usually there is a reason why doctors have not put certain items on repeat, eg if blood pressure medication is started or changed, the doctor or nurse may want to see you again to check blood pressure and possibly adjust the dose before putting this on repeat, or to check for side-effects etc. This also applies to asthma medication, contraceptives and lots of others.

Internet users also please remember that the message service is used for a variety of other purposes and as such only senior members of staff are authorised to view the messages and these then have to be passed on to prescription staff, increasing the administrative burden in the office. Please consider whether it is appropriate to request medications not on repeat in the light of the above, and use the text box on the prescription re-ordering screen rather than the message service for enquiries about this.

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Q   Why does the system say I cannot book any more appointments when I haven't made any?

A   The system takes into account all appointments a patient has in the "diary" section of our medical record system. This includes appointments with nurses, phlebotomists and other professionals which have been made at clinics or over the telephone as they are not currently available online. Recently EMISAccess® have added a facility to allow users to see all appointments they have, whether made online or not. Initially patients were restricted to 2 appointments each online, which made this a particular problem for patients on our chronic disease registers who may have had several appontments with various members of our team already, so were blocked from booking online to see doctors with unrelated problems. We have increased this limit to 4 for certain patients, which seems to have resolved the issue.
Please let us know if you are still having problems.

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Q   Why can't I just go directly to EMISAccess® ?

A   You will notice that EMISAccess® opens in a new browser window from our online services page. We have no control over the content of the EMISAccess® pages which just contain general instructions about the use of that service. We therefore rely on our own online services web page and the rest of this site to give you information specific to our practice to help you make the best use of the online services we offer. Of course we cannot stop users from adding the EMISAccess® web address to their browser "favourites" list, but we strongly recommend that you check the rest of the site  before using it to link to EMISAccess®. To facilitate this we now display a list of recent updates on our homepage and have improved the layout of the online services page to help you see new information at a glance.


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